Honors US History

September 19, 2011
Newspaper Headline Analysis
Extended Reading Notes

September 15, 2011
Constitution Day
Change/Continuity Over Time Document-Based Essay
Primary Source Document Analysis

September 13, 2011
Imperialism Role Play
Section Review Questions

September 12, 2011
Word Search
Double Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
2 sided worksheet

September 6 and 7August 29, 2011

Foreign Policy Note Strips
Analysis of Political Cartoons
Binder Check
September 8 and 9
Newspaper Headline and Political Cartoon Notes
Spanish American War
Binder Check
HW: Quiz Monday

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Game?
Test #1
August 30 and 31

Progressive Presidents
Hurricane Irene If-Then
3-2-1 Self Reflection
HW Presidential Masks and If-Then Worksheet

September 1

Monopoly Notes
AT&T/T-Mobile GIST
Monopoly Exit Card: Is the merger a monopoly? Why or why not?

August 25, 2011

Progressive Presidents

August 23, 2011

Progressive Flow Chart
Binder Check and Note Check
HW Presidential Research Printout

Note and Binder CheckAugust 22, 2011

Progressive Era Flow Chart
Booker T. Washington/W.E.B. DuBois Poetry Analysis
HW: Print the lyrics for one of the following songs that represent the problems of the late 1800s-The Sweat Shop, The Shadow Child, The Land of the Noonday Night, Suffrage Song

(Current Events) Immigration Word Search
(Current Events) Immigration Double Puzzle
(Current Events) Immigration Crossword Puzzle
(Current Events) Immigration Worksheet
[If it's not completed in class it's homework]

HW Create 2 (two) test questions based on your notes on Immigration Problems and Current Events in Immigration.  Be sure to provide answers.

August 18, 2011
Binder Check
Current Events: Immigration
Getting the Gist
Discovery Education
HW: Find an article about Immigration taking place in the United States today and write a summary paragraph of the article and a paragraph that connects the article to US History (ie push/pull factors, problems associated with movements).

August 16, 2011
Binder Check
Discovery Education
Primary Source Document Analysis

August 11, 2011
Quiz Monday, Study Study Study
Intro to Progressive Era Politics
Urbanization Connections
Historical Inquiry Essay
Self Reflection Journal

August 9, 2011
Sensory Image Note Check
Binder Check
Quiz Review

August 8, 2011
Immigration WS
Immigration DP
Immigration CW
Immigration WS

August 4, 2011
Binder Check
Data Collection
Multiple Intelligences

August 2, 2011
Immigration Note Check
3-2-1 Self Reflection
Book Signout

August 1, 2011
Scavenger Hunt Bingo
Discovery Education Primary Source Document Review

Beginning of First Quarter of 2011-2012 Academic Year

SUMMER VACATION (no homework)

End of Fourth Quarter 2010-2011 Academic Year 

May 23-6 Review, Final Exam

May 19- 911 and the aftermath Discussion and Notes *ESSAY HW*

May 17- Domestic Politics of the 21st Century Activities *DBQ Assignment HW*

May 16-Ending the Cold War Groupwork *Primary Source Evaluations HW*

May 12-A shift to the right under Regan Graphic Organizer *Policy Analysis HW*

May 10-"Me Decade" Groupwork *ESSAY HW*

May 9-Osama Bin Laden Current Events GIST

May 5-Vietnam Notes *Tribute Letter HW*

May 3- All the Presidents Men Quiz

May 2 - All the Presidents Men Movie


Watergate Worksheet

04/26 and 04/27
All the President's Men Quotes

04/28 and 04/29
Movie Discussion Worksheet
Monday 04/19
Gault Recap

Internet Presidential Speech Notes



Current Events in US History


Gault v. Arizona case study
HW paragraph prompt is due 04/18

April 4, 2011

JFK note check

April 5
JFK primary source document analysis

April 7

JFK graphic organizer, political spectrum and essay


Malcolm X and Nation of Islam Timeline
Supreme Court Case Studies Reflection Journal


Discussion: Racial Equality
Expanding the Civil Rights Movement

March 21, 2011

Page 846 #1-5

Thursday March 23, 2011

Warriors Don't Cry Essay
Page 855 #1-5
Page 857 #1 and 2

Monday March 7, 2011

Stock Market Reflection Journal
Stock Market Portfolio Check
Finish Stock Market Project

Tuesday March 8, 2011

Cold War PowerPoint Project Due
Turn in missing work!
*Any work that is still missing is automatically entered as a zero on the gradebook*

Monday 02/28
Suprise Quiz

Tuesday 03/01

Little Boxes Song Lyric Reflection Questions
Little Boxes Graphic Organizer

Thursday 03/03
Conformity in the US notecheck
Beatnik Notecheck
Suburbia Note Check

02/22 and 02/24

Tuesday 2/22
Finish Cold War Project
Cold War Worksheet

Thursday 2/24
Finish Stock Market Project
Dots Game Reflection

02/14/11 to 02/18/11

Monday 02/14
Stock Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday 02/15
Cold War Voice Thread

Thursday 02/17
Stock Project and Cold War Project Due

US History Honors Work 2/7 to 2/11

Monday 02/07
SMS project data sheet

Tuesday 02/08
Mobile Lab Cold War Questions Google Suggestions

1) Communism and Democracy
2) USSR hates capitalism, US hates collectvism
3) Baruch Plan limits nukes; Soviets refused to discuss Barcuch Plan
4) Hegemony/Iron Curtain; threat to democracy and capatalism
5) Truman Doctrine/threat to communism
6) Devestation; Political and Social unrest
7) Marshall Plan; Molotov Plan

Thursday 02/10
]Cold War Research Review Note Check
US History Honors work of 01/31 to 02/04

January 31, 2011
Pearl Harbor Film Study
Multimedia Notes Summary
Movie Reflection Essay

February 01 and 02
Hawaii SMS Tracker,
Stock and Bond Research
Snapshot of Investment Portfolio

February 03 and 04
Cold War Note Summary
Origins of Cold War Powerpoint,
Origins of Cold War VoiceThread

US History Honors work of 01/24 to 01/28

Rationing Activity

01/25 and 01/27
Film Studies
WWII Worksheet
WWII Journal
WWII Reflection
Historical Connections

US History Honors work for 01/18-01/21

January 18
New Deal Quiz

Current Events
World War II Note Check

January 20
Primary Source Document Skill Developer (WWII)

Website Evaluation Skill Developer (WWII)
Project Review-PowerPoint Basics
Project Review-VoiceThread Basics

US History Honors work for 01/10-01/14

January 10, 2010

Registration Signature

January 11, 2010
Research Consent Signature
Adult Assent Signature
New Deal Note Check

January 13, 2010

New Deal Illustrations
Journal on New Deal
New Deal Mural/Collage

US History Honors work for 09/27 to 10/02

Imperialism Note Check
Current Events
Page 551 #1-5
"Quadrant D" Editorial
Getting the Gist Activity

US History Honors 9/20 to 9/24

Test on Progressivism
Imperialism Character POV Editorial
Imperialism Performance Review and Feedback
Current Events Questions
Exit Cards

US History Honors 9/13 to 9/17

Getting the Gist Articles
Review Puzzles
Reminder Test on 9/20

US History Honors 9/6 to 9/10

Problems and Solutions Graphic Organizer
Taft Graphic Organizer

US History Honors 08/30 to 9/3

Mind Map
Cause-Effect Graphic Organizer

US History Honors 08/23 to 08/27

Page 500

US History Honors 8/16 to 8/19

East Coast 1870-1920
Focus on Andrew Carnegie, John Rockefeller
Concepts include "rags to riches" and "monopoly"
Themes include industrialization and urbanization
City Brainstorm, Spider Map
Industrialization (Groupwork)
Quiz on August 23, 2010

US History Honors 8/9 to 8/13

3 Waves Exit Card
Democracy Worksheets
Page 443 #3,4 + Urbanization Exit Card

US History Honors 8/2 to 8/9

The main assigmnent is to bring in the signed page 9 of the team handbook.  Be sure that both student and parent/guardian signature is on the forms.

So far the class has already completed the PIN choice, learning inventories, and note check.