Study Skills

Announcement for Stewart's History Class:
Pay attention during Film Studies

Announcement for Stewart's History Class:

*Any work that is still missing is automatically entered as a zero on the gradebook*

Be sure to finish the Cold War Project and the Stock Market Project.

There is a Cold War Project in Mr. Stewart's class 02/17 and 02/18. 

If the following information appears on powerpoint slides, this could result in a better score. 

Remember to use your google docs account to create a new presentation. 

Tip #1 Mobile Lab Cold War Slides Suggestions

1) Communism and Democracy
2) USSR hates capitalism, US hates collectvism
3) Baruch Plan limits nukes; Soviets refused to discuss Barcuch Plan
4) Hegemony/Iron Curtain; threat to democracy and capatalism
5) Truman Doctrine/threat to communism
6) Devestation; Political and Social unrest
7) Marshall Plan; Molotov Plan

Tip #2 Use Mobile Lab Audio Notes for the Voice Thread
Save, Save, Save.
Gault v. Arizona case study
HW paragraph prompt is due 04/18
Be sure to take at least 10 notes
Be sure to type or write in ink with lined paper

Incorrectly formatted work or work without notes will not be accepted for credit